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I love books. Reading them and writing them. You can read more about my hobbies here I especially love writing for young adults. They are on the threshold of many important changes and decisions, and I want to write the kind of books I wish I'd been able to read when I was trying to make those same decisions.


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Two young people explore what sorts of freedom they can find, even as slaves. In 1839, visitors from miles around come to Kentucky to tour Mammoth Cave with the famous slave guide Stephen Bishop. But sixteen-year-old Charlotte, the maid at Mammoth Cave Hotel, doesn’t understand its appeal. As a slave, she is already trapped, and she doesn’t see the point in risking being trapped underground as well. Charlotte must decide whether she should stay with Stephen or risk everything for her own chance at freedom.
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next_md_wht.gif (3763 bytes)   Coming Spring of 2008       Sequel: Twice Upon A Marigold

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A trilogy chronicling the adventures of a sheltered girl who becomes involved with a dashing privateer with a secret past and an obsessive quest during the sea battles of the The War of 1812.

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