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Three Great Places To Visit As You Make Your Way Around Boulder CO

How much fun are you having in Boulder CO? All kinds of adventures await you, as one top travel site lists 148 different ‘things to do’ in the city. Would you like a little help figuring out what to do next? Allow me to tell you about three of Boulder’s top ranked places of interest as you plan out your itinerary.

Boulder Falls is stunningly beautiful. The area is part of Boulder Canyon, and it is just one of the places where people like to go rock climbing. People also like to just check out the views, take pictures, walk along the paths and wade in the water by the falls. Reviews say that some of the areas there can be closed due to hazardous conditions, but the rock climbers appear to go anyway. Either way, you should also be able to see the falls from the road and be able to check out the area enough to make the stop well worth your effort.

Now it’s time to take a tour of a brewing company. Upslope Brewing Company is the name of the place, and it is located at 1898 South Flatiron Court. This small brewery in North Boulder is said to have delicious brews and nice patio seating. The place also features a coffee bar. Plus people say you can even bring dogs up there, which is unique. Upslope Brewing Company also serves up food, too.

How would you like to take a hot air balloon ride in Boulder? Three companies offer them, and one of the companies is Fair Winds Hot Air Balloon Flights. The company is located at 10538 Arapahoe Road, and they give you a goodie bag when you are done with your adventure. It is said to be quite the amazing experience. I have been straight up 50-100 ft in the air before in a hot air balloon without traveling, and that was thrilling, let me tell you. Imagine what you are going to feel like traveling in one.

These three adventures are going to be a blast. I hope you can ink them in on your itinerary, but whatever you end up doing in Boulder, enjoy your visit. Check out all the unique restaurants while you are there, too, and make sure you take plenty of pictures. Boulder CO is such a beautiful place, and you want pictures of all of the places you visit.