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Things To Do On Your Boulder Vacation

Boulder is one of the most popular cities in Colorado and when you visit you get to enjoy the best of the outdoors and you also get to enjoy some fine dining and shopping. There are lots of things to do in Boulder no matter what time of the year you visit.

If you visit Boulder in the Winter, you are close to some amazing skiing and in the spring and summer you can enjoy hiking and looking at the beautiful greenery in the area. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors but there are plenty of attractions in the city you will want to enjoy.

The Flatirons are a must-see park where you can view the majestic mountains and go for a hike. It is easy to get to and there are lots of different types of wildlife to see and the mountains are breathtaking. Chautauqua Park is another park you will want to visit when you are in Boulder. It is a great place to take pictures of wildflowers in the spring and there are lots of fantastic hiking trails to explore.

When you are ready to head back into town, you are going to want to visit the Pearl Street Mall. This mall has everything and it is set outdoors and full of beautiful landscaping. There are lots of quaint shops and cafes to explore and there are also plenty of art galleries if you like art.

There are always plenty of different street performers and it is a great place to just relax and do some people watching. There is a park next to the mall that is a great place to take a walk. If you are a tea lover, you will want to make sure that you visit the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory. This herbal tea producer offers free tours where you can see how the tea is made and take some home with you.

Boulder is a beautiful city and it is filled with charm. It has a more relaxed vibe than Denver and it is much smaller. It is a special city and if you are going to be in Colorado, you definitely want to visit it for a day or two. There is always something interesting going on and and there are lots of fun things to do when you go to Boulder.